Photography is made up of three things: Experience, Art, and Equipment. It is the proverbial three legged stool. It does not work unless all three elements are polished.

My experience comes from years of traveling the world as a youngster with a 35mm Canon A-1 and just two simple lenses to working in remote areas with inclement weather for commercial clients.

Art is expression and not something you can fit in a box and easily define.

Equipment, while many will argue is not important, any artist will tell you their brush and canvases are essentials to capturing their expression. Light sculpting tools, zooms, pocket wizards, fisheye’s, strobes, Adobe products, adequate computing power to modify, publish, and archive RAW images, zooms, fast glass…all culminate in assisting the modern photographer.

I enjoy certain genres more than others, but I essentially love people and relationships, thus I thrive at weddings and enjoy portraiture. I have no problem meeting strangers and even better, having the honor or taking their picture.  I also enjoy challenges, so I will continue to push myself artistically and technically with commercial & editorial assignments. 

I get my inspiration from the awesome state I live in (Alaska), my parents, cousin, wife, Chase Jarvis, Peter Hurley, Joe McNally,  David Hobby, Joel Grimes, Ryan Brenizer, Steve McCurry, Martin Schoeller, and my creator (He doesn't have a website).

If you like what you see and are curious about what it is like to work with me, lets have a creative conversation about what that means! Email me, call me, or even better, I enjoy coffee!